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What does Apple inviting Game Journos to presentation next week mean?

by: Chuck -
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Apple is holding a press conference next Wednesday where they are expected to unveil their new slate computer, the iSlate.  What's interesting is that they are inviting a bunch of game journalists from sites like Kotaku and GamePro to the event which may signal that either the iSlate is going to support games or they are going to announce something game related in addition to/instead of the iSlate.

If I had to bet I would say that Apple is going to be showing that the iSlate is a gaming platform much like the iPhone/iPod touch rather than a full fledged gaming device like the Xbox 360 or PS3 which means more smaller, cheaper games.   These games may be significantly more involved with the larger screen but I don't see it being of interest to the hard core gaming segment.   I hope I'm surprised but Apple doesn't really seem to care about the core gaming market except for the odd showing every few years (which quickly disappears).  I guess we'll find out next week if I'm right or not.
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