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Charlie Murder has sold out... and so should you...

by: Jeremy -
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Ska Studios is on a roll... a major roll.  First is was the Dishwasher, then I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES, and now they look to continue the streak of great Xbox Live Indie games with Charlie Murder.  The game is an outlandish 4-player arcade beat'em up rooted in the reality of the indie punk band Charlie Murder.  Ska Studios has worked with the band to produce a game based loosely on a recent real-life dispute with the rival metal band Gore Quaffer.  In the video game adaptation of the story, Gore Quaffer is responsible for the kidnapping of Skelekitten, Charlie Murder's lead singer's girlfriend (follow that?).  The game is on track to be released this March on the Xbox Live Indie Games store... you can check out the first screenshots below: