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BioShock 2 DLC coming... is anyone surprised?

by: John -
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I know we used to ask questions to developers about whether DLC is coming for their game but maybe it's time we should ask are you NOT developing a DLC. I know games are still being made with no DLC, but it seems the vast majority are coming out with that strategy in hand. I don't blame companies as it's another revenue stream so as long as people buy them, they'll keep making them .I'm guessing companies are putting into their project plan nowadays a section for DLC when they go into meetings on crafting new products.

With that said, Australian Gamer has confirmed with Kent Hudson of 2K Marin that they have a DLC strategy in place for BioShock 2. It's already under way so we might not have to wait too long for DLC to appear once the game is released. BioShock 2 comes with both a single player and multiplayer experience so there are a few areas that 2K Marin can expand on and I hope they do rather than just the normal map pack expansion for multiplayer modes.