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The bar for video game movies gets moved a little... but which way?

by: Jeremy -
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 Browsing through the vast sea that is Youtube this morning I came across the trailer for the upcoming Tekken movie.  Not the animated film that has been out for a while, but the actual live action fight fest announced way back.  As you might expect, it looks just as bad as it sounds...  but I think that may be a good thing for the movie.  I think that the main issue with video game to movie adaptations is that most film studios try to inject to much "Hollywood" into them, fueled by the belief that the original game material didn't house as much "content" necessary to fill a silver screen production.  That doesn't look to be the issue with Tekken, the characters look like the the characters that we know and they don't appear to be taking much liberty with them at all.  Maybe this director got it right in knowing that Tekken fans would get it and that he didn't have to appease the film critics of the world.  I may actually have to check this one out to see how it ends up.  Here is the trailer, decide for yourself...