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Like gaming collectables? NECA has you covered...

by: Jeremy -
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 Come on, be honest... if you are a gamer you more than likely still like action figures too.  I know that I do and my desk is covered with them.  While I don't play with them any more per say, I think that they make the ultimate decorative touch to any game themed room in the house.  If you want to take things a step above your standard issue action figure but still stick with the game theme, NECA has you covered.  NECA, long known for their detail and quality in figure production is producing a large number of game themed figure lines.  While this ins't anything new for NECA, who has been producing figure lines based on games for years, the company is hitting 2010 with a rolling start by prepping lines for the year's hottest titles right out of the gate.  Let's take a closer lake at their latest product lines for BioShock 2, Army of TWO: 40th Day, and Dante's Inferno....

BioShock 2, Series 1
NECA is kicking off their BioShock 2 line this month with the first series of figures.  Included in the initial series are the following:
Big Daddy Bouncer: The original Big Daddy, the one that started it all has actually been available for a few months now, shipping back in November 2009 as a preview to the upcoming line.  This deluxe figure reflects the original Big Daddy that we came to know and fear in the first game.
Big Sister: Making her debut both in the second game and the initial line, this 7" (slightly over actually) figure of the Big Sister comes fully articulated and equipped for nabbing little sisters.  The Big Sister figure includes a cage that attaches to her neck, just like the game, that can house the little sister figures that she captures.  The figure is highly articulated with joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and abdomen.
Little Sister: The Little Sisters, though less articulated as the big ones, feature just as much detail and will come packaged with an ADAM syringe.  The roughly 3.5" figure is just the right size to actually fit into the cages included with the Big Sister figures.
Both the Big and Little Sisters will be available in a Toys R Us exclusive two pack as well as individually packaged at all participating retailers.
Subject Delta: The final figure in the first series is a replica of the Big Daddy that the player had become in the first game.  Subject Delta has all of the articulation as the Big Sister (sans the abdomen) and includes an interchangeable drill arm and removable hoses / backpack.
Later in the year, NECA plans to release replica EVE Hypo's which will actually light up and a plush Big Daddy doll.
Army of TWO: 40th Day
In commemoration of EA's cooperative shooter, NECA has produced replica figures of the two main characters of Army of TWO, Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem.  Both figures are detailed and armed to the "T", outfitted with assault rifles, sniper rifles, and pistols... all of which can be attached to the back of the figures.  The figures are full posable including functional masks which can be pivoted up and down, revealing that characters faces.
Dante's Inferno
NECA is producing a figure of Dante from EA's Dante's Inferno to be offered as an exclusive pre-order bonus at participating retailers.  The Dante figure is outfitted with 30 points of articulation, making it highly posable and extremely detailed (movement wise as well as looks).  He will be packed with interchangeable right hands and a Cross held in a sheath on his hip.  Dante also includes the scythe that he stole from Death himself; the scythe itself is just over 8" and has a detachable blade which can be wielded by itself.  Definitely a cool pre-order bonus in my opinion...

You can read more about the various product lines as well as NECA's other offerings at their official website.