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Sixth Dark Void developer video diary released

by: Chad -
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I'm going to borrow the expression used near the end of this video.  "Jet pack?  I'm sold!"  Capcom released today the sixth developer diary for Dark Void.  Not only is it a beautiful game, some of what they talk about in this video makes it look like they are putting a lot of extra care to give it personality.  

Dark Void has made it onto my "must have"  list for 2010 especially once my new video card is delivered.  The game hits stores next week.  Are you as interested in the potential of this game as I am? 

The countdown to Dark Void has begun! With the game shipping in less than a week, we bring you the latest Dark Void video in our Developer’s Diary series. Dev-diary video #6 focuses on the many intriguing characters in Dark Void from the heroic “survivors” to the evil “watchers”. Before you get the game next week, experience the origins of the characters through the developers’ eyes.