Scans of Game Informer's coverage of Halo: Reach

by: John -
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While we had the trailer during Spike's VGAs, here are some scans of the next Game Informer showing off looks of Halo: Reach. One of the pages actually shows you how much they've progressed in terms of the visuals from Halo 3 to Halo: Reach. I have to say, the polys sure look like they've increased when you put the items side by side.

Given that ODST wasn't as well liked by the masses compared to previous Halo outings, Bungie has some work on their hands to win those folks back. Improved graphics is good but let's get some new and compelling gameplay in there. For me, just having the name Halo on the box isn't enough to get me excited anymore. It hasn't since 2 so come E3, I hope Bungie has some good things to show off.