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Xbox Live, Windows Mobile, and you

by: John -
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Kotaku has posted an image that should bring more light on Xbox Live coming to the Windows Mobile platform. Between this and the job posting earlier, it looks like Microsoft is FINALLY going to get their Live service on the mobile arena after talking about it for many years now.

Whether this will remain exclusive to Windows Mobile phones for the near future remains to be seen but I can see Microsoft keeping it that way. Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft does have a good relationship with Apple and vice versa so I wouldn't put it past there being an iPhone App as well but not at launch.

What might help though is coinciding this with the release of Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft really needs to hit this one out of the ballpark as their mobile strategy is waning compared to Apple and Google so this could be one of the many new features that can help Windows Mobile 7 gain more acceptance. I, personally, would love a Zune phone with Xbox Live capabilities but I'm probably asking for too much this early on in the game.