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Own a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy yet?

by: Sean Colleli -
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I certainly hope you do because Nintendo ain't making any more. Coffee with Games reports that Nintendo has ceased publication and production of the three-game Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation, effective immediately--you won't find any copies at Amazon or, as my scouting discovered today, the Polaris Wal-Mart in Columbus Ohio.

I regret not taking the time to review Prime Trilogy back in August when it released (naturally, a Metroid nut like me had already played all three games) because it really is a superb compilation. It's three of Nintendo's best games from last and this generation on a single disc, the first two GameCube entries buffed up with progressive scan visuals and smooth motion controls to match the standards of the third game, with an achievements system to boot. It all comes in a sexy metal tin and has a nice art booklet to go with it. Nintendo's only response to queries is that you should look for it on the "secondhand video game market." Like most publishers Nintendo has criticized the resale market in the past for cutting into their business, so this is pretty extreme advice for them.

Knowing the ever-thrifty Nintendo, they're probably going for the double (triple?) dip with this, and within months they'll release Prime 1 and 2 on separate discs under the New Play Control label. If you want my advice, don't wait to get ripped off--pick up Trilogy if you can find it, either in resale stores, on Ebay or somewhere else second hand. It's a high quality collection of three amazing games, and considering how sickly the Wii release list is these days it's some of the best gaming to be had on the console, hands down.
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