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Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

by: Jeremy -
More On: Spore Battlefield: Heroes The Sims 3 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Mass Effect 2
Don't you just hate it when soda (or pop, we aren't having that argument) companies have promotions where you have to buy a million bottles for a shot at one winning cap?  Dr. Pepper and Electronic Arts hope to change that feeling.. While it was previously announced in the news that the two companies would be teaming up to give away items, what they didn't tell you is that every one will be a winner.  Each and every participating bottle of Dr. Pepper that you purchase will be w inner.  According to the official promotion website every cap would contain a code that could be redeemed on the Dr. Pepper website for free DLC items for EA games.  You will simply need to enter the code from your cap on the website, select your system and title, and you will be given a redemption code to enter on your given system's online store to get your free DLC.  While the exact list of DLC items that will be included in the promotion has yet to be released, the following games are listed as being included: Mass Effect 2, Battlefield Heroes, Sims 3, Spore, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.