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Surprising no one, Sony officially delays PS3

by: Chuck -
Citing issues with the complex copy protection scheme, Sony has officially been pushed backed to November according to 1up.  This isn't really that surprising as details on the PS3 have been few and far between and if the system were really coming out this Spring we'd have a lot more information on the system.  I expect we'll get more information on the device tomorrow at Sony's press event. 

To say that I'm disappointed would be something of an understatement, especially if the root cause really is the Blu-ray copy protection scheme.  It's bad enough that the system is going to be delayed (which will cause massive ripples across the industry) but to have it because you can't figure the proper way to limit people from using content they already own is an extra kick in the sack for me. To be honest something doesn't seem right about the excuse but we'll see how it plays out.