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EIC as MVP 2.0

by: Chuck -
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I found out last week that I have been renewed as an Xbox MVP for this year.  Much like last year I am reporting this to maintain transparency with the site.  Once again I will work to ensure that this doesn't effect my reporting on the company and if for some reason you think it does go ahead and call me out on it.

Being an Xbox MVP has been an interesting experience and at some point I might do a post on what an Xbox MVP actually does if people are interested.   The biggest benefit of being an Xbox MVP is actually finding out why Microsoft makes some of the decisions they do and getting some additional context behind what does down in Redmond.  If you have any questions about the MVP program or about the Xbox Platform let me know and I will see what I can do.  I'll be heading to the Microsoft MVP summit next month and can raise any questions you have up to the Xbox Team.
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