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Sony and Michael Jackson prepare to storm Japan...

by: Jeremy -
I have learned two things about Japan in my life:

1) Japan loves the Sony PlayStation (3)
2) Japan loves Michael Jackson

Knowing these two "facts", it makes perfect sense that this pairing would eventually make its way to the retail market in Japan.  In order to give a boost to both console sales and to market the DVD and Blu-ray release of the posthumous documentary on the legendary Michael Jackson, Sony of Japan is pairing the two into a special PlayStation 3 bundle.  According to Kotaku, the bundle will go on sale in Japan on January 27, 2010 and will contain a 120GB Black PS3 and a Blu-ray copy of the movie.  Oh, and buyers will also get an exclusive PS3 wallpaper commemorating the singer.  I would not be surprised to see this bundle make its way over seas to the US and possibly Europe before all is said and done...