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EVE Online battle goes awry

by: Tina -
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Network failures are the worst mid-gaming. With EVE Online’s newest expansion pack, Dominion, players have been feeling the notorious lag, the results of which have spurred some controversy.

A fleet of ships in EVE Online, testing out the new sovereignty system that came with the expansion, set an attack against IT Alliance but was thwarted in battle. Is it a question of skill, or a question of network failure? A member of GoonSwarm alliance claimed that only 5% of their attackers were able to load because of the extensive lag.

The IT Alliance members were able to destroy in-game assets worth thousands of dollars in the process. One member claimed that at least four Titan ships were destroyed in the battle.

Meanwhile, CCP is making plans to test the coding today in 0.0, and low-sec on the coming Thursday. They’re looking for at least 100 testers, Hopefully something will be worked out in the near future, as these sort of large fleet battles are part of the experience that Dominion was meant to offer.

via Slashdot