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He's on FIRE! Boom shaka laka!

by: John -
More On: NBA Jam
NBA Jam is one of my all time favorite arcade games. I don't know how many hours I spent with it and my friends playing four player basketball and we even had one at one of the places I worked at in the past. I used to taunt Chuck by using the weakest team against whatever he played while winning by comfortable leads.

Well, ESPN is reporting that EA Sports is bringing the series back. Midway was the original creator but they're gone now so EA's going to take up the mantel. The article states the game's going to be exclusive for the Wii, but I would kill to get a port of the arcade game on Xbox Live Arcade or PSN. Mark Turmell should be involved which is great and I wonder if any of the old vets will return as well. I leave you with a video of some of the hidden characters that graced the series in a game.