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Demon’s Souls walkthrough – Tendency system explained

by: Tina -
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I’ve heard that Demon’s Souls is incredibly hard (yes, I ashamedly have yet to play the game), so this video walkthrough might be helpful in figuring your way around Boletaria. Aram from publisher Atlus describes in this third installment of video walkthroughs how the Tendency system in Demon’s Souls functions.

The Tendency system is based on your actions within the game – whether you choose to defeat certain demons, help other characters, or slay the NPCs. Your region will be affectively altered towards a light or dark tendency, having an impact on your character and the difficulty levels of the region around you.

A light world will result in enemies that are easier to defeat, but that do not yield much exciting loot. However, light regions will also allow you access to NPCs with additional quests and, therefore, quest items and rewards. Your character’s changes due to this Tendency will result in higher HP and a higher attack power, too.

Dark regions, on the other hand, will render your enemies more difficult, but with a higher drop rate of beneficial items. Dark regions also mean that your health and attack power are reduced, but you will get more souls per kill. If you’re enough of an evil badass, you’ll also get to confront demons that light world travelers do not. Killing NPCs will also slate your Tendency levels towards a darker side, which gives you a chance at promised awesome loot.

Check the video below for the full details. Also, I just had to include the cat images accompanying the press release.