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The zombies... are coming...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Plants vs. Zombies
You have played Popcap's Plants vs Zombies.  You love Plants vs Zombies (possibly, I know I do).  While Popcap announced many months ago that the game was going to be making the jump to the mobile platform, namely the iPhone, they never really told us when it would happen.   Well, today, they have told us when it will happen... sort of.  Even though the given release date is a little vague, Popcap has announced that Plants vs Zombies would be hitting Apple's App Store by the end of January.  As you may know by now, there is never truly an exact release date for iPhone games as they are all subject to Apple's approval process. 

In lieu of the announcement, Popcap also has many of their other iPhone titles currently on sale, including the digital crack known as Peggle.  So, if you need another game to keep you occupied while you are on the go... Popcap has your back while you wait for the pending zombie invasion.
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