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Lost Planet 2 Defolma enemy revealed

by: Tina -
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All the snow is melted and EDN III in Lost Planet 2 is a whole new place because of it, with whole new enemies having evolved alongside it.

Capcom has made some reveals on the enemies announced for Lost Planet 2, but new to the information distribution is the Defolma, one of the smaller akrid.

Small is not a description to take lightly with this bunch, however, as their excess of limbs and flexibility allows them to travel even the tiniest of drainage pipes. Try getting past these little buggers and their six dexterous arms that can shoot electricity out at you, too. The spouts of electricity can do something of an area of effect damage if you and your pirate companions are in close proximity in tight spaces.

You’ll have to tread corners a bit more carefully with these hungry fiends prowling about. Check the images below for an idea of the gruesome pirate-eating mouths these akrid boast.