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Festive in-game content for League of Legends

by: Tina -
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You know the holidays are coming around when you start hearing about “festive in-game content.” League of Legends is getting a Snowdown Showdown winter festival with some of said festive in-game content.

The line-up includes a new game map, Champion skins, runes, and consumable items – all festive, of course. Read on for the details on these in-game content and scroll down just slightly for some images, too.

Map: The winter map will be replaced with Snowdown Rift, a seasonal variant of the winter version of Summoner’s Rift that includes many holiday elements.

Champion skins:

· Snow Bunny Nidalee

· Happy Elf Teemo

· Workshop Nunu

Riot will also be releasing 2 limited edition skins which will only be available during the following periods:

· Old St. Zilean (only available from 12/24-12/27)

· Earnest Elf Tristana (only available from 12/31-1/3)


· Mark of the Crippling Candy Cane: +2.2% critical damage

· Mark of the Yuletide Tannenbaum: +0.62% critical chance

· Glyph of the Special Stocking: -0.58% cooldowns

· Seal of the Elusive Snowflake: +0.67% dodge

· Glyph of the Gracious Gift: +0.12 ability power per level (+2.16 at champion level 18)

· Seal of the Stout Snowman: +.72 health per level (+12.96 at champion level 18)

Consumable item: The health potion in the in-game store will be replaced by the Riot Nog potion. The effect of the potion will remain identical to the effect of the health potion.