New Screenshots for THQ's Daniel X: The Ultimate Power

by: Jeremy -
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THQ will be launching their video game adaptation of James Patterson's literary work "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X" next month with Daniel X: The Ultimate Power for the Nintendo DS and DSi.  In preparation for the game's release, the publisher has released a new batch of screenshots showing off the alien fueled combat in the game.

Patterson's novel was released in the summer of 2008 as a special project that he undertook in order to encourage his son to start reading more.  James Patterson is better known for his works in the Alex Cross and Women's Murder Club series, but decided that his son was the perfect motivation to dive back into the science-fiction genre. 

Daniel X: The Ultimate Power puts players into the role of Daniel, a special young boy who has gained special abilities from his alien parents.  Not only did his parents "bless" him with great power, but they have also given him a far more sinister gift as well: a "hit-list", if you will, of Wanted Aliens who are determined to destroy the planet Earth.  It is up to the players to put Daniel's incredible powers to use and stop the evil plot these Wanted Aliens have to enslave the human race.

You can find out more information on the game by joining the official Facebook page or by searching for "Daniel X DS" on Facebook.