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Gamespot has always had a pretty active community, even after Gerstmanngate, and now that info will carry over to some of the games you play. Raptr specializes in integrating social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter into games and sharing personal info between games. Exactly what they're doing with Gamespot is a little vague at this early stage, but it sounds like they'll be rolling your info and stats from the Gamespot community into the Raptr system, which already covers a lot of PC and Xbox Live games. As long as it's used to connect people better, and not spy on them, I think it's a good idea.

New Technology Partnership to Personalize GameSpot User Experience in

SAN FRANCISCO, December 7, 2009 - GameSpot (
today announced a partnership with Raptr (, the free
service that makes it easier to play games with your friends.  Under the
partnership, GameSpot will use social data and technology from Raptr to
create applications that let gamers personalize their gaming experience
and easily connect with friends and peers who share the same interests
and passions.

Beginning in early 2010, when GameSpot users sign up for Raptr, their
gameplay information will surface on GameSpot, including the games they
own and the stats, scores and achievements around each game.   GameSpot
users will also be able to see when friends are playing, show off their
achievements and view overall gaming trends.  Raptr's real-time data,
alongside GameSpot's in-depth reviews, news and editorials, will take
GameSpot users to a new level of understanding about what is happening
in games now.

"GameSpot has always prided itself on offering gamers the most complete
gaming content experience, not only with our award winning editorial,
but also via our video content, cheats and strategy, and one of the most
active gaming communities online," said Simon Whitcombe, Vice President
of Games, CBS Interactive. "By working with Raptr, we intend to create
new ways to personalize the gaming experience for our user-base-from a
game progress tracker to a game recommendations engine-the possibilities
are endlessly exciting."

Raptr identifies the best-in-breed social networking tools available on
the Web today and integrates those tools into one comprehensive service.
Gamers can share gaming activity via Facebook and Twitter, as well as
communicate via their favorite IM service, share game reviews, and track
and compare gaming progress, achievements and scores across multiple
platforms, including the PC and Xbox Live.  Raptr can be used across a
range of game genres and models, including core PC games like Call of
Duty: Modern Warfare 2, subscription-based MMOs like World of Warcraft,
and free-to-play/social games such as Maplestory and Farmville.

"Raptr uniquely captures the most real-time information about the games
people are playing right now," said Dennis Fong, CEO, Raptr.  "By
partnering with GameSpot, we now offer our information with one of the
most prestigious gaming sources available online, furthering our mission
to make it easier for gamers to connect with each other in places where
they are already consuming gaming content."

About Raptr
Raptr ( is a free social utility that makes it easier
to play games with your friends and see what the world is playing. Raptr
works in real-time across multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox
Live, Facebook, and Flash, and also allows gaming activity to be shared
automatically with friends on other popular social media sites like
Facebook and Twitter and on major IM networks like AIM, Live Messenger,
Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Xfire, Facebook Chat and Xbox Live.  The Raptr
client software is distributed through a variety of channels via its
Raptr Partners Program.  Current partners include game publishers
Activision Publishing, THQ, Sony Online Entertainment, NHN USA,
Gamescampus and Gala-Net, as well as hardware companies Razer Group and
Bigfoot Networks. Raptr was founded in 2007 by Xfire co-founder and
world champion gamer Dennis Fong. The company is made up of people who
love to play games and has raised over $12 million in funding from
investors that include Accel Partners and The Founders Fund.  For more
information, please visit

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