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You can actually "beat" World of Warcraft?

by: John -
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I guess if you consider getting all the achievements and finishing all the quests beating the game but it looks like there's one guy out there who has done it all in World of Warcraft. A Taiwanese player has managed to accomplish this feat but I fear what it would have taken to do it all.

I mean, that's a lot of damn time to complete every single possible scenario for your character type. I never played WoW but given all the expansions and raids that need multiple people to participate in, I'm impressed that he's done it all. Some say it's all a big waste of time, but I think the guy had a goal in life and he's one of the few to accomplish one of the goals he set forth. Many of us would benefit showing that dedication to something we enjoy or work with..... .. .. ..

Thanks Destructoid.