Lionhead going all Natal on you

by: John -
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Considering Peter Molyneux's role at Microsoft now, does this news surprise anyone? Lionhead is going to incorporate Project Natal in all of their future projects. Yes, ALL of them.  So, expect games from them starting with Fable III to let you use the camera.

Now, whether this is an option of forced is unknown at this point. I'm guessing it will be a bit of both depending on the type of titles they decide to bring out. It wasn't too long ago that Peter confirmed Natal will be used for Fable III. I'm curious to see if having Natal as part of your system will improve or change the experience with the game.

I know people in camp of Microsoft's motion controlling tech and those in Sony's motion controlling tech. I hear more, though, items being lined up for Natal than the Sony version but all the Sony projects could just be kept under wraps until closer to launch. If I'm not mistaken, Sony's is coming out of the gate first with Natal coming in around November but I'm hoping to hear more for Sony's wand soon.

Anyways, Lionhead will be a big driver of Natal and Ubisoft's thinking of 10 games they will be making for it as well. We're getting a lot of push for Natal so please let it be more than passing fad since I know I'm plunking down money for it when it comes out. I don't want it to just sit there unused like my Wii.
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