The kingdom expands with a new DLC

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A Kingdom for Keflings was one of the first, if not the first, game to let you use your Xbox 360 avatar in the game. It was actually sort of fun playing with another in building out a kingdom and kicking those little Keflings around. Scott liked it in his review of the game.

Well, in a week on December 9th, you'll be able to add more to your kingdom as NinjaBee has announced the first DLC for the game. There will be two Kingdom Packs with two new playable kingdoms in each one. Pack 1 consists of the Orchard Kingdom and Kingdom Crossroads. Pack 2 will give you the Relic Kingdom and Central Kingdom. You can see screens of both below on how these four are constructed.

No word on the pricing though but if you want more kingdoms to build, December 9th is the date for you.

More Kingdoms for your Keflings
NinjaBee announces first DLC for A Kingdom for Keflings

OREM, Utah – Dec. 1, 2009 – Worsening conditions due to overpopulation in Kefling Kingdoms has prompted drastic action by independent video games developer NinjaBee, announcing today it would act quickly and decisively to resolve the problem by providing four new kingdoms as downloadable content for its popular Xbox LIVE® Arcade title, A Kingdom for Keflings.

NinjaBee has also set a date, promising the new Kingdoms would be available for Keflings and avatars alike on Dec. 9, 2009.

“To be honest, it’s about time!” said one giant avatar who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s gotten to the point where you can’t even turn around without kicking one of those little guys. It’s getting out of hand, I mean, they’re like rabbits!”

The new DLC is the first to be released for the avatar-based XBLA title and will be released separately as Kingdom Pack 1 and Kingdom Pack 2, each containing two new playable kingdoms.

Kingdom Pack 1

This Kingdom Pack brings a fresh perspective to the original game with brand new Kingdom layouts. The Orchard Kingdom puts some new and interesting twists on the Classic Kingdom, and Kingdom Crossroads gives a new pace to your game. Luckily, the Keflings are still just as nice in both Kingdoms.

Kingdom Pack 2

The new layouts in this Kingdom Pack are not for the faint Giant at heart. The mysterious Relic Kingdom will force you to explore every inch of the map to find your way around, and the challenging Central Kingdom is definitely meant for the more advanced player. Previous Kefling management experience is a plus.

A recent update to A Kingdom for Keflings made the new DLC possible adding a new menu where players choose the map they wish to play. The update also made Keflings stronger, allowing transporters to carry three resources instead of one, and protected online games from griefers, making hosts and their friends the only players who can destroy buildings.