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Crazy Man Thinks He's Playing Silent Hill, Shuts Off Power to Hospital

by: Adam -
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Psychoisis is a serious issue.  It plagues many people to varying degrees but sometimes crazy makes a person do damned funny things.  Need an example?  Well, a 35 year-old man in Netherlands lost his marbles, broke into a hospital and shut down the power thinking he was playing Silent Hill.  I really couldn't make this up if I tried.  Apparently, he thought shutting down the hospital's power would gain him access to a toothbrush, yes, toothbrush, that would solve a puzzle.  The hospital went without power for 45 minutes and since no one was hurt this means I can make as much fun of this guy as I please.  If someone had been hurt that wouldn't necessarily mean I couldn't make fun of the situation, it just might have made me feel bad.  Maybe.

All this happened a month ago, so here's the new news.  Last week the crazy guy, let's call him Bob (his real name is Jan but I'm not terribly fond of the name so we're going with Bob.  I don't think he'll mind since he has the whole crazy thing to deal with) was found not guilty because he had "no idea of the consequences of his deed."  The moral of the story?  People can get away with doing crazy things so long as they're either insane or play too many video games.  So I'm going to go jack a Porsche and blame it on the latter.