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At least 2 million folks are killing zombies

by: John -
More On: Left 4 Dead 2
That's how many retail copies of Left 4 Dead 2 has been sold so far. Mind you this isn't even counting Steam sales so you know that's probably a ton more to add to the already large number of folks owning the sequel. I've been playing non-stop since I got it when it first came out and I can say it's definitely a better game all around than the first one.

I'm interested to see the total figures though as to how many own the game. I mean, 2 million in retail's a great feat for such a short amount of time. I'm sure Valve's really hitting it big when you combine it with Steam sales.

Doug Lombardi, VP of Marketing, also stated that news on the first DLC for the game should be out soon as well. Here's hoping they keep it for free on the PC like they did with L4D DLC.