Red Dead Redemption debut trailer released, let the drooling commence

by: Dan -
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Way back in May, we posted a teaser trailer and some screens from Rockstar’s upcoming western game Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately, the game was pushed to the ever-bursting 2010 calendar, but we now have the official debut trailer to take a look at. The trailer is titled “My name is John Marston” and really shows off some of the story background, game physics and massive gameplay area.  This game looks to be pretty darn good and is something I will be looking for come next year.

Update (Chuck) - Rockstar has sent word that the game will be available in the US on April 27th and April 30th internationally.
Today we are happy to debut the second full-length trailer for Red Dead Redemption. Titled “My Name is John Marston,” this sneak peak at next year’s highly-anticipated open-world western adventure sheds the first light on Redemption’s gritty, action-packed narrative. Spanning a massive countryside that includes the American frontier, tumultuous Mexican border towns, and the bustling cities of the Northeast, trailer 2 hints at Marston’s motivations and highlights a few of the colorful characters he will encounter on his journey.