Wii fastest selling console, sales up 85% after price cut

by: John -
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You know, I didn't even remember that the WIi cut the price of their console. That's how far out of touch I have been with the thing. To be honest, I don't even miss it one bit since lending it to a fellow writer to do some reviews. I know there's a lot of folks out there that really love the thing but it just doesn't see any game time between my 360, PS3, and PC.

It's great for Nintendo that they are the fastest to 50 million consoles sold and that sales are up 85% after the price cut a few months ago. That's a major feat in itself to sell that many so quickly. I know the other two major companies would kill to be in that position. Seeing EA and Ubisoft say that their products haven't performed as expected on the Wii should be a little concerning. Then again, Nintendo's making money hand over fist on hardware sales so in the end they're laughing all the way to the bank whether two major companies sell well or not.
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