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A deeper look into EVE Online: Dominion

by: Tina -
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Yesterday I mentioned what changes EVE Online players will be privy to with the newest expansion, Dominion. Today, I delve further into the details of said changes.

Firstly, I mentioned the changes to sovereignty and the ways in which EVE players will take control of space. CCP promises a more strategy and tactical-based system to capturing territory. You’ll be interacting with Territorial Claim Units to gain a link to stargates and claim your ownership. You’ll also have to keep a mindful eye of the Sovereignty Blockade Units that have the potential to challenge your claim by disrupting your connection to the TCUs. This process is further dependent on the Infrastructure Hubs.

Having taken control over your territory, you can thereby use the structure upgrade hub that work to various effects. Some upgrades will draw the NPCs out of their hiding, others will reveal mining belts, so on and so forth. This customization further enhances your current in-game tactics depending on what play-style you’ve chosen. CCP says that the decision for this addition in the expansion was to allow players to fully engage in their decision-making in the game, and create a more substantial relationship between the player’s game-style and the outcome.

I also mentioned the Pirate Faction Epic Arcs, which are another medium for expanding the significance of your in-game decisions. CCP has ceded to player’s desires for more nullspec content, particularly with the pirate factions and thereby expanding the PvE element in EVE.

There’s more than just these two changes, however, as I’m sure will come as no surprise. For the newbies, CCP has enhanced the NPE (New Player Experience) team and added an Exploration path to help get players settled. This tutorial is complimented by more combat tutorials to help players with PvP specifically.

EVE Online: Dominion
will also have a new PUG (pick up groups) system, or FIG (flying in groups – sounds yummy) I guess in the case of this particular MMO. The system allows you to broadcast information on what you are looking for in particular to help gather a group more effectively and efficiently. It will also help for organization, especially for raid groups invading enemy territory.

There are also plans in stock for new planets and a starfield. The additional planets will coincide with those in CCP’s upcoming MMO DUST 514. You can check their video below for the details.

Ships in EVE are also getting some changes. They’re bringing in new capital cruise launchers, and newly-designed torpedoes. You can take a look at the Amarr superweapon in the video below. Bonuses will also be given to ships rewarded by your NPC corporation for continued loyalty. CCP mentioned that they are making faction versions of the four Tech 1 Battleships.

Given the social nature of this MMO, and most others, CCP is also working on their in-game browser. For the time being, they are putting developments into their first steps.

Finally, the last addition to be heard of is a new mail system. They’re putting in improvements to help players communicate and socialize.

And there you have it, folks. Your roundup of Dominion additions to EVE Online. Experience the details for yourself the coming Tuesday, December 1st. Lastly, I'll leave you with the official trailer of the upcoming expansion.