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EVE Online: Dominion set to go live December 1st

by: Tina -
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EVE Online players: start your countdown. Dominion, EVE Online’s 11th expansion will be going live in exactly a week from today.

As you explore nullsec you’ll have the opportunity to claim sovereignty in the dangerous zero-level security area of space in a completely new manner. No more countdowns here: creating your sovereign space will rely on Infrastructure Hubs and probably entail a lot of battling instead of waiting around.

There are also new Epic Pirate Arcs for those of you wanting to hang around the outlawed pirates. These will relate, in particular, to the Guristas and the Angel Cartel.

Players should be pleased with the updates, as CCP has admittedly taken advice from fans on forums and the like for said improvements. For a deeper look into the pirate factions and what your interaction with them will result in, take a look at the video below.