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This week on Direct2Drive

by: Marissa -
More On: Final Fantasy XI Manhunt 2 Fallout 3 Borderlands Painkiller Resolution
Alright, guys, a lot of stuff is going on this week on Direct2Drive, so kindly lend me your ears (eyes?):

First off, the Best of Indie Volume 2 Bundle is here. It's $24.95 and DRM free, appropriately. You get 7 great indie games for not a lot of scratch.
Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition is out now. If you don't have this game, kick yourself for like five minutes, then hurry up and download it. This version includes all 5 downloadable expansions. That's a deal, baby.
Remember when Manhunt 2 was going to get an AO rating and Rockstar had to tone it down to get an M? Now you can get the original in all of its Adults-Only glory, available only on D2D.
You can pick up Painkiller Resolution now.
Or, if the Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection is more your thing, you can get that too:
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Follow D2D for a $5 off Borderlands for PC coupon code this week. If you tune in to their Twitter feed on Tuesdays, they hold a weekly gaming trivia contest where you can win a free PC game of your choice!