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Modern Warfare 2 sparks controversy (i.e. I was right)

by: Chuck -
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Last week I postulated that Modern Warfare 2's terrorist mission "No Russian" would spark a bit of controversy at both the local and national level.  Of course that's like saying the sky is blue as news organizations will always rush to run something without context and without doing ample research and it looks like I was right as Fox News (a bastion of "journalistic integrity") has already come up with their own half assed piece on the game. 

From the local news angle comes this piece from NBC 4 here in Columbus which skips the context of the mission (playing as a secret agent trying to gain the trust of the Russians) in favor of highlighting that you get to kill civilians in the game.  They also manage to pick up the opinions of a few gamers who likewise miss the point and context of the mission.  Are you seeing anything in your area?  Leave us notes in the comments.

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