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Rumor of Natal launch details

by: John -
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MVC thinks they have the low down on the launch of Project Natal and here's some of the details. For starters, Microsoft's aiming at a November release of next year so we have one more year to go before we get our hands on the camera. As they stated, that would be the five year anniversary of the console's launch.

Around 14 games will be on hand when the peripheral launches so that's a good sign. Nothing like putting out something where you only have a few games to choose from. Let's hope it's a good variety of titles if that is indeed the number and not some collection of mini games in all of them.

Pricing is important and Microsoft's trying to make it an impulse buy with a release price somewhere between $50 to $85, which to me is pretty damn reasonable. A peripheral for a 360 that's not way over priced? Can it be? Guess we'll know next year.
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