Call of Duty 2 updates

by: John -
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Activision has sent some info on some updates coming to Call of Duty 2 on both the PC and Xbox 360 side.

          For the PC:
  • Punkbuster functionality
  • Two new multiplayer maps.
  • HTTP redirect in multiplayer, which adds an option for modders to send players to an external website to download their maps and mods.
  • Repair of multiplayer exploits and minor bug fixes

    For the Xbox 360 we have:

  • Player Lag has been addressed
  • Private Game Lobbies / Reserved Slots  
  • Enable Live Host to set custom game options
  • Map Preferences setting
  • Post Game Lobbies (players at end of match will return to lobby)
  • Enemy Player Name Notification
  • Kick Player (host ability)
  • Lobby Game Type, Map and Host Notification
No word on when these updates will be released but I hope soon.