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Gaming Nexus receives odd package

by: Chuck -
More On: Squeeballs
It's rare that we get big packages in the mail.   While EA "Rick Rolls" other sites for Dante's Inferno we'll be lucky to receive a review copy of the game when it's released so I was a bit surprised to come home to a large crate sitting on my porch.  I took the crate inside and took some pictures and then had Tasha the wonder puppy sniff the crate for bombs. Once she had lost interest (meaning the package was free of explosive devices and potential doggie snacks) I took a hammer and opened the crate as carefully as possible.  Inside the crate was a bunch of stuffed Squeeballs from the upcoming game from PDP.  We'll have our review up shortly but kudos to the folks at Performance Designed Products for coming up with such a cool way to promote their game and thanks for not Rick Rolling me.