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Torchlight already pirated - media probably to blame

by: Chuck -
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The folks at Runic Games released the final version of Torchlight to the media on Friday so we could get a chance to play the game before it's released tomorrow.  The only problem is that someone with access to the game has already leaked it out to pirates and it's now available for pirates according to the Runic twitter feed.

This is amazingly annoying for any number of reasons the primary one being that the game only costs $20 for a whole ton of content and the second is that the leak comes from someone in the media.  This isn't the first time a member of the media has been the source of a leak but it's frustrating because that's violating a fairly sacred publisher/media trust.

I know that we'll always have software pirates because there are always going to be people who want something for free and don't value the hard work that goes into creating and publishing a game but it's made worse when one of the media can be attributed to the leak.  If you do feel the need to steal the game at least man up and purchase the game tomorrow either from them or from Steam.  Given the cost/content ratio the folks at Runic deserve your support.
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