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Another case of Ballmer misspeaking or did he really mean a Blu-Ray drive is coming to the 360?

by: John -
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Steve Ballmer certainly says a lot of things that are "misspoken" when asked about it later on. Here's one that, we don't know if he did or did not again. When interviewed by Gizmodo about putting a Blu-Ray drive in the 360, he casually says you'll be able to pick up Blu-Ray drives as accessories.

What? I mean, Microsoft's done so much in the past to say the 360's not getting a Blu-Ray drive but of course things change and they could always say they meant not at that time. Could we be seeing a Blu-Ray external drive coming to the 360 in the future? I know not everyone has the capability to stream 1080p movies through their connection so if making the Xbox 360 a media hub is in their cards, having a drive in there to play the media that's the current HD standard would be the easiest thing to do.

That leads to another question though is if they do decide to come out with one, how much is it going to be? I know we bag on Microsoft a lot on their pricing structure for accessories but the one thing they did right was price the HD-DVD drive at a very, very affordable price. Would they follow the same pattern and charge a reasonable price for the drive as well? 

Microsoft's PR did try and say "no comment" on future plans and said that you'll be able to get a Blu-Ray 1080p experience this Fall with the new update with Zune video and 1080p streaming. Maybe in the near future you'll be flipping through the chapters in your Blu-Ray version of Iron Man II using your hand instead of a controller.
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