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Sony wants 100 million PS3s and says the Xbox is not a competitor

by: John -
This little article in DigiTimes is pretty funny actually. Sony Computer Entertainment Asia’s corporate executive managing director and senior vice president of Asia says he wants to ship 100 million PS3 first of all. Well that's a given that he wants to do that since the PS1's at that number with the PS2 close to it as well. The funny remark from him is that he doesn't view the Xbox as a competitor and that they are open to work with them in the future on developing games. That's a pretty bold statement right there and he should remember even the top dog falls in the console world someday(Atari, Nintendo, Sega). If Microsoft doesn't knock them off the top spot then some other company will in the future. Perhaps the Phantom will reign supreme! Ok, maybe that was a bad example...

Thanks Kotaku.