New Two Worlds II released

by: Chuck -
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Here's a new gaggle of screen shots from Two Worlds II which show off some of the new features of the game's GRACE graphics engine.  The first game didn't exactly light the world on fire despite being labeled as an Elder Scrolls: Oblivion killer which you can either attribute to either the clunky controls from the first game or the amazingly bad plot (I can only personally vouch for the control issues myself, the plot issues can be attributed to some of the reviews I read).  Time will tell if they can make a better game the second time around but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Las Vegas, October 19th 2009 – It’s time again to return to the world of Antaloor. Fulfill your carnal curiosity by checking out four brand new screens directly from the RPG masterpiece, “Two Worlds II.” The game’s developers, Reality Pump, have created a revolutionary new engine called GRACE, and these screen shots give testimony to the engine’s capabilities.

A trip to the swamps will demonstrate the breathtaking experience that Two Worlds II has to offer. The result of Reality Pump’s extensive technical development, the game’s environment has been painstakingly created to fully immerse the player into the Antaloorian universe. For example, the marshy ground sucks at the character’s feet hindering his movement more so then if he was on dry land. Additionally, dynamic sounds have been constructed to further demonstrate the game’s attention to detail. When the hero steps into the marshy ground, he will hear a terrifyingly disgusting squishing noise that will make the player cringe with delight.

Luckily, there are many wooden paths and stakes placed throughout the swamp, which will allow the player to traverse the treacherous terrain with more ease. However, whether you can use the comfortable paths and bridges without paying a toll depends on the disposition of the local residents – and you better believe that “Have a good day!” does not pass their lips on a regular basis. But let’s face it…would you be bubblin’ over with joy if you had to wake up every day to drizzling rain and tendril of swamp mist?