Pachter says Xbox Live will cost $100 in a few years

by: John -
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One of Chuck's favorite people next to Jack Thompson and Adam Foote of the Colorado Avalanche is Michael Pachter. He does spout of some really, how should I put it, inaccurate predictions about the industry and acts really smug about it. I've never met the man, but I've never really agreed with many of his predictions.

So, with that comes his thoughts that Microsoft will raise the subscription price of Xbox Live from $50 to $100 in a few years. Really? Hmm, I say.... no. I have a hard time believing that Microsoft would go and increase a price on a service that is free, albeit not as well done, on the other two platforms. Yes, Xbox Live has some features the others don't but for those that just really use the machine to game like I do, paying more than $50 is pretty much a nice and easy way for Microsoft to make me cancel my Xbox Live account.