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The Weekly Sponge: The a smelly bum slept in my car edition

by: Ben Berry -
More On: Wii Halo 3: ODST Dead Space Extraction
So, when Chuck asked me to do this, I assumed it’d be easy to get on a 2 or 3 day a week schedule now that the wedding is done, and my wife and I are settling into married life. But between the beginning of hockey season, working on my NHL10 review, a hectic work schedule, and my car being broken into last night (thank god no damage, other than the smell of the homeless guy who slept in it); life has been anything but calm.
So, without further ado, let’s turn to a weeks’ worth of news from other sites!
If you haven’t heard, there’s this game called Halo: ODST. Shawn thought it mostly sucked, but you don’t have to believe him (Although you should, I’ve seen him dance). But you should always investigate before you invest, so go read The Hachiko’s take on the game.
My boss is always talking about when we need to be tactical, and it leads me to daydream about what it would be like if our PMO were to invade another IT office. Legit Reviews takes a look at Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet Headphones. Maybe my boss is really telling me we need to get some of these?
The folks over a TechGage do some pretty nice work (though sadly, they didn’t use a spellchecker when they named their site). They’ve got a review of an ASUS Gaming Laptop priced under $1000. I could probably use one of those, if I ever get off the console.
Have you ever heard of eTeknix? Me either. But they did a review of a Zotec GeForce 9500T budget gaming graphics card, and I’m all for reviews of products that will save our readers a few bucks.
Review of the week: Legit Reviews joins the mile high club by reviewing GoGo’s Inflight Internetservice for speed. Not many sites really go above and beyond for their reviews, but Legit at least goes above!
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Weekly sponge without putting on our radiation suit, and heading to Atomic Gamer. This week, we have their opinion of Dead Space: Extraction for Wii.
Finally, I have for you, a review on paste. That’s right, I said paste. I haven’t said the word paste out loud since probably second grade. Sure, I’ve said goo, gunk, slime, and even caulk, but not paste. Until today. Thanks, Verdis Reviews. Your informed thoughts on the Arctic Cooling ARCTIC MX-2 & MX-3 Thermal Pastes have given me the opportunity to tell the internet that I once watched a kid named Neal in my kindergarten class eat an entire jar of paste. He really musta liked that stuff.