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Are we seeing the last of the single player games?

by: Chuck -
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I've been stewing a bit over this post over at Raphael Kosters blog.  In the post Raph talks about how single player games are on the way out and that we will only be seeing multiplayer/connected games from here on out.  He's got a lot of valid points and while I want to disagree with him I really can't.  The two games that I have been playing for fun lately are Battlefield 2 and the Auto Assault beta.  Both are multi-player games and while I tend to solo in my MMORPG games both games are obviously multi-player games.  I then looked at the game that I'm looking forward to this year (Gears of War) and while the game is comprised mostly of a single player experience the fact that the game has achievements and that I know I'll be playing long into the night to get them before John does further validates his point.  I guess you could consider games like God of War and Shadow of the Colossus to be exceptions to the rule though.  Worth the read for the industry insight although you should take into account that Raph works for Sony Online Entertainment.
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