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Go Commando with this week's release by GOG.com

by: Chad -
More On: Gog.com
This post has nothing to do with underwear (or lack thereof) and everything to do with one of my favorite games of all time.  GOG.com has released the Commandos Ammo Pack, which includes Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and the expansion, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty.  It's available for a budget price of $5.99 and is compatible with XP & Vista.

I'll be buying this as soon as I get some spare change and suggest that you do the same.  It's difficult but very rewarding. 

On a side note, GOG wants you to know that Arx Fatalis is their Hidden Gem of the Week.  They are offering the game at a $1 discount meaning that it's only $4.99.  Gaming on the cheap FTW!