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Demon's Souls wiki now online, help Atlus make it the best

by: Adam -
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The official Wiki for the hotly anticipated (and totally awesome) PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls is now online and Atlus would like your help to make it the best Wiki on the vast and wide interwebs.  Having gotten a ton of playtime with the soon to be released game I can say that this is the type of game that requires a good and knowledgeable Wiki to help when you get lost, confused, or killed numerous times (and these things will happen to you).  If you're feeling particularly useful you can check out the official Wiki here.

Demon's Souls is an innovative RPG that truly immerses you in its gorgeously rendered worlds.  One of the coolest features of the game is its multiplayer which has been seamlessly integrated into the game's story allowing you to interact with other players in ways other game's have never allowed.  You can leave tips or warnings via magical inscriptions on the floor, see how other players met their end by touching their bloodstain, or (like any good fantasy RPG) team up with or play against other players in coop or PvP play.

Demon's Souls releases tomorrow for the PS3.