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Crash Course finally here for Xbox 360, PC people get it later today

by: John -
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Finally, the DLC for Left 4 Dead, Crash Course is available for purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace. The funny thing is if you go the direct link right now it shows 800 points rather than the 560 it's suppose to be and what it does show on the game's main page. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon and no one gets charged 800 points.

Us PC folks, of course, get it for free and that's one of the benefits of playing on the PC versus the console. I'm itching for some new L4D content to tide me over until Left 4 Dead 2 is released in a little over a month and a half. Crash Course should be a nice quick 30 minute versus campaign and something I can jump in and out quickly to satisfy my hunter pouncing needs.