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All the news that's fit to recap: The (kinda) Daily Sponge

by: Ben Berry -
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You're lazy. Admit it, you are. We all are. This is America, home of The (Double) Whopper and the remote control. Well, I'm here to help you. No, not to help you stop being lazy, but to help you get your news fix without even having to use Google. So you'll see me a few times a week providing this information to you.

Tonight, we’ll have some software reviews:
Visit Atomic Gamer for a review of Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection for PS3. Then stick around for a gander at their preview of Brutal Legend for 360. If you like, you can get their take on Need for Speed: Shift for PC. But, if like a patient with a bad diagnosis, you’re looking for a second opinion; ActionTrip would like you to pull over and read their review of Need for Speed: SHIFT for 360. Once you’re parked you can also check out their take on Resident Evil 5, which will not surprise you with its high marks.
The Hachiko has scribbled together a review of Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS.
More on Wednesday, with a focus on hardware!