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Halo 2 coming to Vista exclusively

by: Chuck -
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It looks like all the rumors of a PC version of Halo 2 were right on as Microsoft has announced that Halo 2 will be making it's PC debut on Microsoft's new Vista operating system.  What's interesting about the release is that the game is going to be a Vista exclusive which means you will need to get Microsoft's new operating system in order to play the game on your PC.  This is a bit of a chance as the upcoming Flight Simulator X will is slated to run on both XP and Vista (but will run better on Vista).

The PC version will contain all of the content from Halo 2 and the multiplayer map pack as well as a level builder so you can construct your own multiplayer levels.  Given the somewhat tepid response of the PC version of the original Halo you have to wonder how much demand their really is for the game.  I guess we'll find out when the game ships.