Dreamfall trailer online

by: Chuck -
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Funcom has posted a trailer for their upcoming adventure game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey at the game's official website. The trailer comes in many formats (including the seemingly ubiquitous iPod format) and gives you a taste of what you can expect when the game is released later this year.
Durham, USA — February 9, 2006 – Funcom announces the release of a new trailer for the highly anticipated adventure game ‘Dreamfall: The Longest Journey’. The game is scheduled for a Windows and Xbox release this spring. For the first time Funcom also offer an iPod version of the trailer, as well as a version for cell phones*.

‘Dreamfall: The Longest Journey’, winner of multiple E3 awards as the best game in its genre, is the continuation of a saga that began in the award-winning The Longest Journey, considered to be one of the finest adventure games ever made. In Dreamfall, players are taken on an epic journey of exploration and adventure as they venture through a thrilling and emotional storyline. ‘Dreamfall’ features a fully interactive world where beautiful music, stunning graphics, fascinating characters and unparalleled gameplay variety promises to bring the adventure genre into a new era. Prepare for a spiritual, fantastic and powerful gaming experience.