September 27th will be the first day of the $199 Wii

by: John -
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More and more outlets such as Engadget have confirmation that the Wii is dropping to $199 this Sunday. So, Nintendo is the last one to do the price reduction of the console following the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360's multiple price reductions. Really, there was no reason before to reduce the price on the Wii as it was still selling like hotcakes. Nintendo is expected to make the official announcement this Friday, the 25th.

At $199, it's not a bad buy but mine still sits collecting dust even after picking up Wii Sports Resort. My family played with it for a week and like the past few Wii games we've bought it now sits alone and unused. I should've learned by now but hey, I'm always open to anything new.

For those that haven't picked up a Wii yet (and I don't know many), will the $199 price tag be enough to make you pick one up?