Microsoft's VP of Rumor Confirmation confirms 802.11n adapter for the 360

by: John -
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That wireless network adapter for the Xbox 360 is slow and overpriced. Ok, so it's not slow if you just want to get online to play games but it is slow if you want to try to stream HD media. Well, in comes the 802.11n Wireless Adapter for the Xbox 360. While no price or release date is talked about, Microsoft did the unusual and confirmed that it is indeed coming to Joystiq.

You'll need an 802.11n router to take advantage of this of course but my question's going to be how much. I mean Microsoft's already over charging their 802.11g based wireless adapter by a ton and you can get wireless-n USB adapters for about $20-$60 on New Egg. I can see a scenario where Microsoft drops their first wireless adapter down and come out with the 802.11n one for the $100 price point. Then again, I can see Microsoft charging more for the wireless adapter as well.

802.11n works well for streaming HD content as I've done so using my Windows 7 Media Center upstairs in my house that has a wireless 802.11n card to my Xbox 360 which is connected to a router. There's no way I could've done it with an 802.11g card. Now, if they could just come out with it at a reasonable price.